Sorcerers are masters of arcane power. Through talent, or intense study, Sorcerers are capable of casting Arcane spells, magic that springs from the very foundation of the universe. In addition, sorcerers can channel this power into physical objects to craft Magic Items. When a sorcerer is at the appropriate level, they may pick a type of magic items to create. To craft a magic item, the sorcerer must buy or craft Masterwork item of the appropriate type (Masterwork items cost twice as much as ordinary ones). They then spend the next 3 days enchanting the object. During that time, they give up a spell slot for every ability they place on the following items.

  • 1st level
    Scribe Scroll
  • 3rd level
    Brew Potion or Craft Wondrous Item
  • 5th level
    Craft Magic Arms And Armor or Craft Wand
  • 9th level
    Craft Rod
  • 12th level
    Craft Staff or Forge Ring
  • 15th level
    Craft Golem

Sorcerers may cast these spells.

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