Welcome to the Clash dimension. This pocket universe was of unknown origin and has been lost to the annals of the multiverse for thousands of years. Cut off from planar travelers, it has grown it’s own civilizations and unique cultures. The main body of habitable land consists of 4 float over a massive void. The locals think that it is a soul shredding vortex. The vortex lays several hundred miles beneath the bottom of the bottom of the islands. Several smaller islands lay beneath and around the 4 primary continents. The 4 main islands are connected by man made bridges made of iron, ropes, stone and other materials depending on the region they originate from. The most popular among all the bridges is the imperial highway, which is owned by an independent company, but carries a very steep tole. The Imperial Roadway company is set in the middle of the Imperial bridge. They collect tolls, and dispatch their own personal police force to protect and serve honest folk traveling the highways, and punish lawbreakers and bandits. Despite the fact that the primary islands of clash all have vastly differing cultures, they all share a standard currency: The Drachma.

All of the islands are kept aloft by the Core Heart of the island. The Core Heart is a sudo-deity tied to the land in which they reside. These beings are intelligent, and are aware of everything that goes on in, on, and around their island. They each have their own distinct personality, and their own agendas.

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Welcome to the Clash Dimension


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